Friday, October 13, 2017

Reading Workshop

The kids are eager readers! They all know their reading level at this point in the year, and they are promising to read books within their reading band, unless they are reading with an older sibling or family member.

Clip-on reading lights can make reading more cozy and fun for reading at home and at school. In fact, if you have an extra one, we'd love to put it to use in the classroom!  Sometimes cozy reading nooks can be dark!

I use an app called Lit. Leveler here at school to level our classroom library.  It may be helpful in identifying the levels of your books at home or from the local library.

Kids are expected to read for a minimum of 100 minutes each week, and book logs are due every Wednesday morning, signed by a parent.

Please encourage the kids to read chapter books rather than graphic novels; perhaps they have certain days set aside for comics? They should also stick with books to avoid becoming "book abandoners".

If your child is struggling with a book or is reluctant to read it, then it most likely is not a good match and should be abandoned.  If this happens frequently, let me know and I'll help out.  There are so many good choices out there!

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