Wednesday, March 6, 2019

Recycle Plastic Bags ---Assembly!

Our class has been researching the effects of plastic on the environment.
We have learned that our reliance on plastic has gone too far, and we need
to make some serious changes in our lifestyles. As responsible citizens,
we need to use reusable bags when shopping and start recycling the
plastic bags we currently use.

We created two videos to bring awareness to the problem, and to teach others
how to help.

Dance-Off rehearsal!

Marshmallow Challenge

All three Mountaineer classes teamed up to work together in the Marshmallow challenge!  Who can build the tallest free standing dried spaghetti tower in 20 minutes???

Tropical Island Day Fun

Making a difference!

Mountaineer fifth graders wrote essays to local politicians in which they tried to convince them to ban the use of single use plastic-bags!  Each class also created a video using our green screen and ipads to teach others how to properly recycle plastic bags and plastic wrap!

Monday, January 21, 2019

Suggestions needed!

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